Product licensing and commercialisation

Part of the Clinigen Group, Colonis is a UK-based pharmaceutical company who focus on product licensing and commercialisation by bringing alternative formulations to market for patients with unmet clinical needs (we call this unlicensed to licensed).

Colonis are dedicated to making medicines more manageable for patients and healthcare professionals. In addition to our unlicensed to licensed capabilities we also develop niche generics with unique dosage forms and/or strengths of existing generic molecules.

We also offer a range of out-licensing and export opportunities for our portfolio. In addition to this, our business development team are continuously looking for complementary in-licensing and partnering opportunities.

Core Values


Our product development strategy gives more choice to healthcare professionals and patients by bringing products to market to meet unmet clinical needs.


We are committed to delivering value in healthcare, offering a range of licensed products that provide an alternative to currently available treatment options.


Constantly pursuing solutions to unmet needs with help from our sister company Lamda Laboratories.


Helping healthcare professionals gain access to medicines which satisfy a previously unmet clinical need.


Our experienced team has a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.